Xilinx Design License Agreement

“Authorization Code” refers to all FLEXlm license keys, license files, license manager, dongle or other key, code or information issued by (or on behalf of Xilinx) and required for the use of the materials granted. Xilinx licenses are generated by the Europractice website representative or the authorized user via the Xilinx website. The authorized site/user representative can generate unlocked or locked license files, as required, from the pool of unassigned seats. It is not necessary to indicate the type of license (Floating/Node locked) required when ordering, but only the number of seats needed. “Licensed materials” refer to xilinx design files (also known as “cores”) and the documentation described later in product exposure documents, as well as any updates Xilinx has delivered to the licensee. 6.1 Property. The licensee recognizes and accepts that all intellectual and industrial property rights over and over the materials granted and all copies of these rights are and will remain the exclusive property of Xilinx or its grantees (if any). No provision in this agreement is construed as giving the licensee a licence or other right, except for the licences and rights expressly granted to the taker in Section 3 (licensing). The licensee assumes that some of the material and associated documentation may have been granted by third parties to Xilinx and that these third parties are intended third parties in the provisions of this agreement. The materials granted are protected by international laws and contractual provisions concerning intellectual property and commercial rights.

11.4 Effects of dismissal. At the end of the agreement, Xilinx`s licences and rights under this Agreement will expire and the licensee will destroy the documents granted, including all copies and derivative works, as well as all related documentation, and certify xilinx in writing. In addition to the unpaid payment obligations of the licensee, the rights and obligations of each party, in accordance with the following provisions of this agreement, have survived the termination of this agreement for an indefinite period: Section 6 (intellectual property); 7 (confidentiality); 9 (excluding liability); 10 (limitation of liability), 11.4 (effects of termination); 12 (general). 7.1 Duties. Unless section 3 (licensing) is provided otherwise, the licensee (a) retains the confidentiality of documents granted as Xilinx`s protected trade secrets; and (b) not to provide licensed material in any form other than its staff working on the authorized website, which has genuine “knowledge” for the purposes authorized by this Agreement and which is bound by confidentiality obligations that protect Xilinx (and, if applicable, its licensees) no less than those included. The licensee represents Xilinx, which has a privacy system that complies with generally accepted practices to protect its own confidential business information, including written agreements with employees, and that the materials granted are protected by such a system to the same extent, but in no way with due diligence.