Uab Consortium Agreement

EACEA review overall comments (Erasmus Key Action 1 – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees / EMJMD): “The proposed EMJMD offers an interesting multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary university program in a very dynamic field of research. The proposal is timely and structuring and is an important contribution to the development of the European Higher Education Area. The consortium includes a number of associated non-educational partners who are involved in the implementation and management of the program in a wide range of activities. The consortium agreement form is available from the Office of Student Financial Aid. The student should complete the student field and forward the consortium agreement to his academic advisor for approval and refer him to Financial Aid for review. Student Financial Aid will process and manage all financial assistance to the student in accordance with its policies and procedures, and the host institution undertakes not to provide financial assistance to the student registered under this agreement. Financial assistance is provided to the host institution. The student receives all portions not used as a refund. Master LIVE has received its EMJMD label (86/100 points, threshold 79/100) for the period 2015-2020, with an initial financial support of 2,410,000 euros from the European Union. We are pleased to inform you that the Master LIVE has been selected in 2018 as part of the 42 Master Degrees Joints Erasmus Mundus (LIVE EMJMD) to retain the EMJMD label (92/100 points, threshold 79/100). The Master LIVE will therefore benefit from the support of the European Union`s Erasmus programme with a grant of 3,934,000 euros for the period 2018-2024.

I hope we welcome you to build the next generation of vaccination researchers! Not all diplomas are open to all erasmus students. Ask your International Office about the areas of study included in the agreement with your home university. A consortium agreement is a contract between the student, the host institution and the University of Alabama. The agreement allows the University of Alabama to process federal student assistance while taking courses at another university. The EMJMD consortium consists of strong academic teams with experience in graduate research and teaching with a large number of associate partners representing key stakeholder groups. Students acquire professional skills to take courses from the three union partners and practice in the best laboratories in Europe. The impact is realistically expected at all levels. Networking activities can provide real employment opportunities. The consortium of projects works very well with third countries and its excellent EMJMD programme is well geared towards Latin American countries. This programme is supported by the European Union`s Erasmus programme. A grant of 3,934,000 euros has been awarded to the LIVE consortium. LIVE students move to at least three different countries during the program.

They improve two foreign languages, taking into account the fact that English is the language of instruction of master LIVE. The online program provides students with an advanced understanding of immunology, infectious diseases, vaccineology, but also legislation, health policy and the humanities around vaccination, in order to prepare students for an international professional career, in large pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers or in small and medium-sized companies specializing in vaccine research and development or in public organizations that deal with public health policy/clinical/vaccine research. Graduates are also well prepared for doctoral research in the Ph.D. program, funded by associate partners. (These dates include the welcome days and the exam period).